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Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation


Anything related to a special day becomes memorable for us. Such as Wedding day is not a forgettable day for anybody and wedding dress is an important part of this day. So, What do you want to do with your special wedding gown?

Some contribute their gown to charity so that it can be used second time, some recreate the gown for cocktail attire, some decided to trash the gown, and some clean and preserve the gown to refresh the memory and future heritage. We suggest the last option is better than the other because special stuff should be taken extra care. 

What does it mean by ‘Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation’?

Wedding dress cleaning and preservation is a popular and better process than only dry_cleaning method. In this method, stains are checked properly, and then the cleaning process is started. Both visible and invisible stains are inspected first. Invisible stains mean sugary stuff like champagne, red wine, and other wine will oxidize over time and if this is left untreated, resulting in yellow or brown stains that aren’t easily removed. 

As per inspection, The gown will go through careful cleaning and then will be folded in acid-free tissue, will be wrapped in muslin, and lastly will preserve in the preservation.

Clean Wedding Dress with Expert Cleaner:

The special dress needs special cleaning and care. The Nearest Laundry provides a much gentler cleaning than traditional dry cleaning methods. We use the least amount of harmful chemicals in our cleaning procedures, so you’re precious, gorgeous, and beautiful wedding dress will be protected in great and stunning condition. 

After careful deep cleaning, your wedding dress will be hand-pressed by our skill pressers and your dress will be returned to you by putting it in a protective garment bag or wedding dress box.

Find out more about our Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Service Provider. If you'd like to talk to us about how we can help keep your wedding dress safe and protected, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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