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Nearest Laundry gives value to your money by making your dresses new with its bespoke cleaning methodology. Different dresses require different approaches towards cleaning, as some materials that are used in clothes cannot withstand the standard home washer and dryer.

We offer the following services for dresses:

  1. Dry Cleaning
  2. Laundry
  3. Ironing

The process that we use in cleaning preserves the quality of fabrics and prevents shrinking and stretching. With our system, there is also no need for time-consuming hand washing. Many dry cleaners offer wet cleaning processes for washable items like shirts, slacks, and household linen.

We treat each dress with care and clean even the toughest stains. Our experts also suggest that for some fabrics dry cleaning is the only option. Believe in us, we keep on experimenting with many dry cleaning methods. If required we will send the dress for laundry, but only after investigating its material.

Our experts suggest not to opt for handwashing on

  1. Viscose & Polyamide,
  2. Clothes that are manufactured with pleating
  3. Made of structural material inside
  4. Leather labelled

Gents and ladies suits made of cotton and polyester with sophisticated designs are also sensitive to hand washing. These items should get dry cleaned and laundered carefully.

Care needs to be taken in ironing. Materials that are sensitive to washing are also sensitive to other treatment mechanisms. We take additional care to find proper ironing techniques for these dresses. While certain items like satin, chiffon, and lace articles can be safely washed, additional care should be taken while ironing.

A dry cleaning system is a safe approach to clean and make the dresses ready to wear either for an outing or evening party.

If you are still not sure whether your dress needs dry cleaning or hand washing, contact our experts at Nearest Laundry. Your handing of the dresses to our expert hands means not only your dresses are in the right hands but also safe.

Our executive will collect the dresses from your place and delivery them at your scheduled time and address. Rely on us for dry cleaning or ironing.

Ready to book your cleaning?