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Hot vs. Cold Washing - Know the Best Way to Wash Your Clothes


Whether you wash your clothes in warm water or cold water, is a question that sometimes is quite perplexing for the users. However, it is not as complex as you think. If you ask any professional laundry service in London, they will tell you that your decision depends on the fabric. It is without a doubt that using warm water to wash your clothes can be quite beneficial, it helps kill bacteria and germs and effectively remove the toughest stains. 


It is equally beneficial when you wash your baby's clothes. There are also many other benefits of using warm water. Just like a hot shower recharge you, in the same way by rinsing your clothes in hot water can give you a new lease of life.


However, if you wash some garments in hot water, they tend to lose shape and can shrink too. However, the first step is to check the wash care label on your garment and then determine the water temperature to be used. 


Generally, all the Laundry services in London use their discrete to clean the clothes. 


Wash clothes by using hot water 


Many clothes are best washed in hot water, as it kills germs. However, many fabrics shrink in hot water. Imagine your linen shirt or wool jumper getting half in size after a hot water wash. It is no ideal solution. While items, like towels and linen, are best washed in hot water, while some cloth items cannot, so always read the care label.


Washing clothes with cold water 


If the clothes are bright and colourful cold water wash is highly recommended. The use of cold water can retain the colour of the clothes and long life. Wash the clothes in cold water made of delicate fabrics like wool, linen, chiffon, lace and other fabrics, with embroidered or embellishments. Coldwater is used to soak the stained clothes before washing. 


And, this is a reason why laundry services in London first examine the fabric and material of clothes before deciding on the process to use for cleaning them.


Using warm water to wash clothes 


Generally, people use warm water to wash their clothes. It removes bacteria and remains gentle on clothes. It also helps retain the longevity of the clothes by keeping their colour and shape intact. However, still check the washing temperature preference by going through the clothing care label before washing. 


Many detergents are also not formulated to perform at the peak in all water temperature levels. This is because it is difficult to formulate at the high-performance cleaning power in cold water. However, in the washing machine, set the temperature to cold water. Coldwater is a cost-effective and eco-friendly option as it uses around 90 % less energy than a hot water wash. Detergents are fully activated in less temperature means there is no need for you to sacrifice cleaning quality. 


It is your laundry service in London, Nearest Laundry who offers the highest in quality laundry services. Our men are highly experienced in offering cheap and best cleaning of your clothes. They will first examine, colour, texture, and fabric of clothes and how much cleaning it requires. After finding the requisite aspects, they figure out which cloth needs what type of cleaning. Whether it requires dry cleaning or laundry. So rest assured your clothes will be in the right hands.

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