Terms and Conditions : Nearest Laundry

Nearest Laundry is the owner of the website www.nearestlaundry.com, with its operations in London. Our registered office is at 60 Turnstone Close, E13 0HW, LONDON, E13 0HW.

2 - Terms Details

2.1: Read the below-mentioned terms and conditions. Your usage of the website and our services is subjected to these terms and conditions as specified below.

2.2: While you communicate with our company or organization instead of a person, you should assure that you are authorized to act on their behalf.

3 – Definition of the terms used and explanation:

3.1: Ordering of any service or product from us, means placing an order for our services as mentioned on the website through phone, website, or email.

3.2: A user is a person who places an order for the services or products through our website, www.nearestlaundry.com. These services are dry cleaning, laundry, wash & ironing, and shoe repair.

4 - Intellectual Property Rights

4.1: All intellectual property rights on our website are owned or licensed by us, and are unassailable. You can take a printout copy of any page from our website for your usage, download excerpts.

4.2: You are not authorized to make changes to any paper or digital copies of any materials that you intend to print. You can also use pictures, illustrations, video, audio sequences, or graphics without any written documentation or text. We recognize the status of writers on our website.

5 - Agency Details:

The website and the owners act as a mediator between dry cleaners and customers. The terms and conditions are an agreement between you and the Nearest Laundry for using our website and for availing our services.

5.1: Whatever goes in contradiction against the agreement or on the website, whatever legal recourse is taken would be against the service provider and is derived from the Services. It is either against the breach of contract or otherwise.

5.2: We accept that the information that we will take from you is confidential and taken only for checks. The information provided should be correct.

6 – Liability

6.1: The customer should acknowledge that there is risk in the cleaning process, including the possibility of damage to the cloths or other materials. There could also be a chance of loss or damage to the clothes.

Nearest Laundry will make sure that no such situation happens, in such a situation the company will bear the liability. The company will collaborate with the customer to try to solve the problem.

Without taking into consideration the above, and to the extent permitted by law, the liability and onus of the service providers will not be more than 15 times the cost of cleaning.

6.2: The client should remove the collar stiffeners and cuff links from shirts and empty pockets before handling the shirts or other clothes to us.

6.3: The customer must ascertain that the items given for a wash are to be washed and tumbled dried.

6.4: You need to register any company within 48 hours of delivery.

Before claiming for payment accrues to the damage for any item requires processing. The cleaning time needs to collect the item and repair the damage.

6.5: The items of the customer shall not remain with us for more than three months. After this period the clothes will be donated to charity.

7 - Complaints

7.1: You should abide by the website complaints process and rules as the same can change.

7.2 In case of any complain, contact us through the information provided on the website or you can also write to us at our registered address.

8 - Our liability to You

8.1: Any negligence due to injury or death

8.2: Committing fraud

8.3: Non-compliance with the terms of the section of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982

8.4: Not responsible for any indirect or consequential loss

8.5: We will compensate for the damage to any item that is or is in our care. We have the right to keep any damaged item permanently.

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