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Published On: Sat Jun 15 2024

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Ironing clothes is essential since it gives you a neat and well-dressed look. Whether you have a formal business trip to attend or you want to look neat during your daily work, having clothes ironed is better. Ironing is the application of heat, mainly in the form of iron, in straightening items like fabrics to obtain a more beautiful look and feel. Knowing the many techniques and approaches to avoid damaging the material and get the best result is very important. This blog will assist you in ironing by teaching you how to select the suitable iron, what preparation should be done to iron, and the correct ways to iron various fabrics. 

Preparing Ironing space and Essentials

Tools and Accessories

  1. Iron.

  2. Ironing board.

  3. Spray bottle.

  4. Spray starch or sizing. 

  5. Pressing cloth.

  6. Clothes hangers.

  7. Water.

Ironing space must be equipped with these tools and accessories. Making your preparation of the space where you iron more meaningful makes ironing easier and less time-consuming. Select a clean, well-drained, and well-lit place. If possible, ironing should be done in natural light but you can also use a bright light or a lamp to highlight the wrinkles.

The position of the ironing board and its height should be placed on a flat and stable surface. Hence, it is user-oriented, and the amount of exhaustion experienced during the procedure is lowered, making the process easier. Make sure to clean the board cover so that it can act as a smooth surface for ironing.

Make sure to place the ironing board right where one can plug in the iron. For better movement, try to use a long corded iron. Put a heat-proof coaster close to the hot iron whenever it is not in use.

Use a spray bottle of distilled water to iron out wrinkles or any other tough wrinkles. To avoid wrinkles, folded washed, and ironed clothes should be left on a rack or hanger to cool. Having a table or shelf for the folded clothing is also beneficial nearby.

How to iron clothes

There are various techniques that need to be followed while ironing which include how to position the clothes while ironing and how high the iron should be. The first thing you should do when ironing is ensure that the iron’s temperature is appropriate for the type of garment that you intend to iron. For example, silk or polyester requires low heat while on the other hand for products such as cotton or linen, they require high heat.

Temperature Settings for Different Fabrics

  • Cotton: 400F/204C (High-temperature)

  • Silk: 300F/148C (Medium-temperature)

  • Polyester: 300F/148C (Medium-temperature)

  • Linen: 445F/230C (High-temperature)

  • Wool: 300F/148C (Medium-temperature)

  • Nylons: 275F/135C (Low-temperature)

How to iron each part of the cloth

When the clothes are a little bit damp it is the best time to iron them. For better results when ironing, work on the inside out of the clothing at the same time. To iron the Fabric, open them up flat and iron the inside part of the Fabric first Use smooth and straight strokes instead of circular motions while ironing then iron the outside part of the Clothes next. Now place the sleeves flat and iron from the shoulder to the cuff. Put the shirt on the narrow part of the ironing board and iron the shoulders after the sleeves. In the last step, iron the main body of the clothing from the top to the bottom flattening wrinkles as you progress down. If the garment has heavy material such as pockets, hems and collars, always iron the inside first and then the outside. To ensure that the iron does not burn your clothes or break, make sure to move it often. For stubborn wrinkles, use the steam option.

Hang the cloth immediately after ironing

After ironing clothes, you should learn how to handle them due to delicateness if you want them to appear as good as new. After ironing put your clothes away on a hanger place it immediately, do not let them sit for hours. This assists in keeping the ironed look and don’t allow for the formation of new wrinkles. For trousers, it is recommended to hang them using a hanger with clips or place them appropriately over the bar of the hanger.

Ensure safety

The safety of ironing is important in order to avoid hazards during ironing and for easy gliding of the iron. You need to maintain the following safety measures:

  • First, before using the iron it is always recommended that you read the instructions which have been put forward by the manufacturer  before plugging it.

  • Before plugging make sure your iron’s cord is in good condition.

  • Do not put down the iron and walk away from it even if this is for just a short moment. If you want to rest, the iron should be secured in the vertical position on the ironing board.

  • Remember never leave children and especially the pets alone with the iron and its cord in order to prevent both burns and knocks.

  • Lastly, when you are done ironing, switch of the iron and allow it to cool down before storing.

Extra Ironing tips

  • While ironing delicate fabrics garment make sure to use a thin piece of cloth between the garment and the iron because direct heat could damage the fabric.

  • If you have to iron many clothes at a time then start with the fabrics that need low heat such as nylons, silks, etc. If you iron these types of fabrics at high heat, it can damage the fabric and cause burns.

  • If your clothes are still dirty and have any type of stains on them try to avoid ironing these clothes because iron heat will permanently push the stains into the fabric.

  • When your ironing board’s covers become dirty make sure to wash or replace them.

  • Make sure to hang your newly ironed clothes using a hanger.

  • Regularly clean your iron to avoid stains and have a smooth ironing experience.

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