6 Summer Fashion Trends for 2024

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Published On: Sat Jun 15 2024

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It seems that some great trends are on the horizon for summer 2024. The six big trends that people cannot stop discussing include: First in the list, there is a return of  Business Casual, Metallics, High-Rise Trousers, Elevated Sportswear, Coming Up Roses, Polo Club. These trends are not only about the clothes but about exposing one’s personality in the summer season. In this blog, we will try to shed some light on the 6 big summer fashion trends. 

1. Business Casual

The more traditional approach of wearing business casual clothes is not limited to workplace environments anymore. This fashion trend has advanced as a mixture of formal business and some casual wear for the summer. At the initial stage, it was used in connection with the business suit, which does not presuppose a tuxedo at work, and now it means the dress code that is formal. Well, just think of, for example, oversized trousers with flowing crops or playful t-shirts, or elegant blazers over simple dresses. It is important to establish order and use in a space, but do not put only stiff things into it; introduce less rigid things. For example, you can combine a linen blazer and tailored trousers or a summer dress and a tailored blazer. It is suitable for casual office lunches, girl’s group brunch, and even casual dinners especially during the summer days.

2. Metallics

Metallics are going to be hot this summer, so let it shine. Used to be that the darkness of night was the only time one could pull off metallics, but now, metallics are on daytime outings. Metallics have remained a favorite for several years, being used in both women’s and men’s clothing and accessories sets. In this summer, they are shifting from nightwear elegance to daytime glamour. Begin with shining objects such as a silver top or golden sandals. The shine should be balanced with some neutral clothing in order to keep the look elegant. For evenings, wear a metallic dress or go as daring as a statement jacket. Match the piece with simple accessories or clothing items to complement the metallic jewelry. An excellent example of accessorizing with this trend is wearing metallic handbags, metallic belts, and metallic shoes.

3. High-Rise Trousers

As another modern trend in trousers, high-rise trousers are also making a comeback and they look trendy and comfortable. The bell-bottom trousers that were just in the fashion rage 1970s and 1980s are back with a stylish look once again. They are comfortable, and can easily be bent to suit most women of different sizes. These trousers elongate the legs, while the top part of the body, especially the waist, looks slimmer making the entire body appear proportional and stylish. Outfit Ideas: Flaunt them with a cropped tank top or with sandals for casual occasions or tuck the shirt in and go for the high-heeled formal look.

4. Elevated Sportswear

Fashion is no longer restricted to the four walls of your home, track, ground, or any sporting facilities for that matter. This trend is wearing comfortable clothing that can be considered fashionable at the same time. Incorporating sportswear apparel like joggers, hoodies, sneakers, and many more but with extra style. To dream of having luxurious materials and perfectly tailored clothes. Pair joggers with a proper blazer or wear a hoodie and a leather jacket over it. In a bid to enhance the looks, you can accrue statement accessories. Nike, Adidas, and Lululemon are among the companies that have adjusted and supplied fashionable yet comfortable sportswear. 

5. Coming Up Roses

In summer, floral prints are classic, and this year, these prints are larger than life. Seasonal trends have really gone a notch higher, the floral prints go from ditsy to an oversized piece. That’s why they add a young and active zest to any clothing style. Primary colors have come back into fashion. Seek the florals in vibrant red, yellow, and blue colors. There is no need to rule out wearing floral prints together with stripes or polka dots. The important thing is to maintain harmony by ensuring that the shades belong to the same hue family. Outfit ideas: Floral maxi dresses, Floral skirts and Floral blouses.

6. Polo Club

Polo shirts emerged again in this season's fashion and they have a kind of summer taste but do not look too sentimental. They are very comfortable when put on and can easily be worn for formal occasions or even casual ones. One should also understand that they can be worn on casual occasions as well as in almost formal events. The modern polo club looks far more fitted polos in bright and more catchy colors and prints. Wear it with chinos or shorts for an appropriate outfit. In this particular case, the most suitable attire would be a polo shirt, shorts, and sneakers. It can also be worn in casual trousers and sneakers for a casual look, although this looks formal. Lastly, complete the polo club look with the right accessories, namely, a classic watch, a belt, and sunglasses.

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