Here are Step by Step Guide to Storing Winter Coats

Published On: Tue Jul 16 2024

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Whenever it is time to take the coats and jackets off for the next season as the winter season is over. Some might think that packing puffer jackets is as simple as putting the coat in a luggage, but there are actually certain protocols on how the puffer should be packed and stored that can prolong the life of the coat. Whether it is considered puffer jackets, wool coats or leather jackets it is important that some important precaution is taken to avoid falling into the trap that could amount to sorrow as you wake up one morning to realize that your best coat has been worn throughout the off season. In this blog, coat storage ideas are given to store and keep coats in perfect condition.

Restore before store

When preparing to store your woolen coats or puffer jackets, it is essential to get them to the right shape.Wash them first according to the care label instructions and dry clean wool suits or puffer jackets using a washing machine to remove dirt and odors. Mend, for example, buttons if they are missing or loose, seams if they are frayed, or small holes so as to stop further weakening of the fabric. For puffer jackets, one has to ensure even distribution of the filing and maintaining the loft by tumbler drying. By focusing on these aspects you prepare the garments to be kept in the best state possible for as long as possible.

Where Do You Store a Puffer Jacket

While storing the puffer jacket pick a cool, dry and airy area to avoid development of mild and bad smell. A large wardrobe is preferable; when organizing the closet, it is better to use solid hangers so that the wardrobe does not lose its shape. In the case of limited space one can use vacuum storage bags where the jacket has to be very dry to prevent dried-out formation. Do not over compress so as to retain the loft of the insulation. One can put silica gel packets to take up the remaining humidity in the bag. Thus, the tips on the storage of the puffer jacket will ensure that your jacket is properly stored for the next season.

Should You Hang Puffer Jackets

It is usually recommended to hang puffer jackets since it helps them retain their shape and keep them insulated. These jackets that are usually filled with down or synthetic fibers are vulnerable to flattening if left compressed for sometime. Hang the coat on a strong bar shaped hanger that will ensure the weight is spread evenly and does not pull the fabric tight. The jacket should be thoroughly dried before hanging as this will avoid formation of mildew. Vacuum bags are useful to save space but they compact the filling which decreases the ability of the jacket to insulate. Storing the puffer in a cool part of the house or in a hanger in the closet is the best way to protect the puffer for the next winter season.

How Do You Store Down a Puffer

Cleaning Coats Before Storage

It is highly advisable to clean your coats before you store them. It can be infested, the dirt and oils tend to attract pests and when stains are left for a long time they do not come off easily. Wash according to the instructions on the label, and for delicate or valuable clothing it is recommended that these items be cleaned professionally. It is important to ensure that the coats are thoroughly dried before packing since mildew can develop on the clothes when they are packed wet.

Preventing Damage During Storage

It is also important to ensure your puffer jacket is allowed to air dry the moment it has been cleaned. As for ensuring that no more dampness remains, you should hang it out to dry, either on a washing line or in an open space. This will also help prevent formation of mildew or mold which may grow in the area due to moisture content.

Once your puffer jacket is dry and clean, it is ready for choosing storage. It folds well; do not cram things, as this will cause the down to become compressed. They might also put on a padded hanger to maintain the form of your jacket. Just one caution with this – direct sunlight is bad for many commodities; therefore, try to find the storage location in concordance with this.

Utilizing Storage Bags

Choosing the appropriate storage bag will enable you to prevent your puffer jacket from being infected by bugs, moisture or dust over the period of storage. They retain water and moisture which in turn forms a conducive environment for molds to grow, they should therefore not be used. Choose cotton or canvas material bags because of their good barrier quality and the required air flow for proper storage.

Storing puffer jackets in a cool or dry place

Actual storage of these puffer jackets should be carried out in a cool dry area so as to enhance the jackets insulation property and durability. Humidity, which comes with moisture, creates a place for the growth of mildew while high temperatures can harm the fabrics. Choose a proper location for the closet or storage place, it should be airtight and separate from the sources of heat and sunlight. Proper storage of the jacket also means that there is no dampness that will affect the filling. This way keep your puffer jacket protected for next winter season.

If all of  this information seems hard to you and cleaning and storing your puffer jacket seems too hard for you, our professional laundry service will help you with our top-notch service.Our team will collect your items from your doorstep, carefully clean and deliver it back to you. So, your favorite puffer jacket is ready for the next winter.

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