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Nearest Laundry is one of the best wash and folding services in London. We use modern machines and skilled staff to thoroughly wash and neatly press your clothes. Tumble & Fold or Wash & Iron, so you chose the one that suits your needs best.

Items On Wash And Folding Service

There are several types of fabric that we can efficiently wash and neatly fold in our facility. From your regular cotton shirts to your expensive silk dresses, we can clean and fold anything in a matter of a few hours

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Nearest Laundry’s Wash and Folding Service in London

Nearest Laundry has been gaining the trust of customers by providing washing and folding services in London for years. Washing and ironing services should be availed by experienced professionals to keep your items safe. Our experienced cleaners wash the client's clothes efficiently. Our eco-friendly detergent not only cleans clothes but also leaves them looking like new and smelling great. Our free collection and delivery service extends to East and West London, including Greater London.

Everyday Laundry - A Simple Wash And Fold Service

In real life, clothes get dirty for various reasons—dust, dirt, rain, or any stain that spoils your tidiness. Many people cannot take care of clothes in this busy life. Our professional launderers are always ready to eliminate this problem with the latest laundry equipment and tenderness, love, and care. Our eco-friendly detergents ensure maximum care for your skin and clothes. After the washing process, the bag with the items is sanitized before being returned to you so that previously soiled and bacteria cannot re-contaminate the fabric. Within 24 hours, our free delivery team will deliver the same clean and folded clothes to your doorstep.

Get Service from the Nearest Laundry

If you don't want to waste your weekend washing and ironing your clothes, call us for affordable eco-friendly washing and ironing services. We'll pick up your dirty laundry. Then, at the end of the day, you'll have fresh clothes. We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at how well your clothes are washed and ironed by the highest quality professional cleaners! Read the beautiful reviews from our customers for more confidence in us. To join our loyal customers who have already enjoyed the great services our local touch offers, simply visit our website and schedule a collection.

How Do We Conduct Wash And Folding Services


Schedule Your Collection

First, one of our co-ordinators will take your call. We’ll talk about what needs to be done. Then, you schedule a time for collecting and delivering your items.


Arrival Of Our Delivery Personnel

Then, within a few hours, our delivery man will arrive at your doorstep to collect your garments. Make sure you check all the items before handing them over to the delivery guy.


The Washing Process Begins

Then we do our ‘thing’. Our team will start working on your clothes. Drying, cleaning, ironing, folding, whatever needs to be done, will be DONE for you.


Deliver Your Clothes Back

Say ‘Hello’ to your shiny pressed clothes as they look good as new. No wrinkles, no stain, just fresh new clothes to wear. We’ll store the clothes tidily in a nice laundry bag and deliver the items to you on the same day.

Service we offer

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Why Should You Choose Us

We Will Pick Up Your Items for Free

We Will Pick Up Your Items for Free

We know you have a busy schedule. That is why we offer free pickup and delivery services. Just call us, book an appointment, and give us your address. Our employees will come to your home to pick up your dirty laundry. At the end of the day, we will deliver your thoroughly washed and pressed clothes back to your home. Plus, we wont take any delivery charges from you.

We Value Your Detergent Preferences

We Value Your Detergent Preferences

We understand that different people like to use different types and brands of detergents while washing their clothes. For example, in the UK, almost sixty-six percent of people use liquid laundry detergents to wash their clothes. However, 19% of people like to use fabric softeners. Thus, you can inform us about the type and brand of detergent you prefer to use while doing laundry. We promise that we will use the detergent that you like to use to wash your clothes.

Our Prices Are Very Affordable

Our Prices Are Very Affordable

In Nearest Laundry, we always maintain our customers trust and satisfaction. Before washing your clothes, we carefully inspect their condition and count them before putting them in the washer. If your clothes are made of delicate fabric or have embroidery, we wash them manually to ensure they are not damaged. After washing, drying, ironing, and folding your clothes, we count them again to make sure we have not misplaced anything.

We Always Handle Your Attire Carefully

We Always Handle Your Attire Carefully

In Nearest Laundry, we always maintain our customers trust and satisfaction. Before washing your clothes, we carefully inspect their condition and count them before putting them in the washer. If your clothes are made of delicate fabric or have embroidery, we wash them manually to ensure they are not damaged. After washing, drying, ironing, and folding your clothes, we count them again to make sure we have not misplaced anything.

We Provide Consistent Customer Service

We Provide Consistent Customer Service

If you ever face issues, like You might find it difficult to book an appointment online, You may not be at home during the delivery, You might fail to access our website. For such situations, we have an excellent customer service team available all day to address all your inquiries. Plus, they will solve any laundry-related issues you may have.

Excellent Customers

Dr. Daisy Bins

Exceptional service! I’ve been using their washing and ironing service for ages now and it’s just incredible. Garments return immaculate, pressed to perfection. Courteous staff, attention to detail, speedy collection and delivery set them apart. Trustworthy and reliable—my go-to for wash and folding needs. Highly recommend!

Dr. Daisy Bins

We went to other washing that could not do same day service and refused to help us, but luckily Nearest Laundry saved the day. They did our washing and folding same day and delivered it to our home! Pick up and delivery is available and quite efficient. The staff are incredibly amazing and welcoming. We are so happy, great experience!

Dr. Daisy Bins

Staff has done amazing job washing the clothes!! something leaked onto the case and through the zip, onto a cream linen suit. I have no idea how is it possible, 2 days later it was Pristine again. It’s just amazing And the washing and folding service is also good with a fair price. Definitely recommend it!

Dr. Daisy Bins

I must say Nearest Laundry is a life savor when it comes to cleaning and pressing clothes! I downloaded their app, signed up and chose date & time for pickup/delivery. I never had a problem with them and I have been using them for the past 8 months. Highly recommend if you want your clothes to be 100% cleaned!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we always try to maintain proper hygiene standards. We clean all our machines and tools regularly. Furthermore, our employees always wear gloves while handling the laundry items of our customers.

Yes, we will contact you immediately if you forget to receive the delivery of your clothes. Then, we will reschedule the delivery time according to the time that suits you.

Yes, there are many household items that we wash and iron in our facility. You can send your stained bedsheets, dirty curtains, or heavy blankets and we will wash and fold them thoroughly for you.

Yes, we wash and iron baby clothes. Furthermore, we take proper precautions while washing baby clothes. For instance, we use a separate washing machine and organic detergents to clean the delicate garments of babies.

We take 48 hours to complete the service. But, if you need it on the same day, we provide it at a cheap price

Yes, If you are not home at the time of delivery, give us a call and let us know your location, We will reach you. You will also be informed before the delivery of washed and pressed clothes.

Yes, When you first order you will be given a bag to carry the clothes.

When you schedule a pick up time for wash and iron services from our website, you will have an option for your special requirement. Or you can call us directly. We always put our clients personal preferences first.

When we have an order, it is tagged with a unique code so it doesnt get mixed up with other peoples clothing. We always carefully wash everyones clothes separately to avoid germs.

No, But if you order less than £20, your bill will still be £20. Because we offer free pickup and delivery.

This is never possible but if ever the item is lost please call us on this number 02034884131. Our team will find your lost item and deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Yes, Because larger items require more effort than smaller items. However, you will find that our service prices and facilities are much cheaper than other companies.

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